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Review apps and get paid. Easiest money making method out there.

Every week, each and every day, there’s almost always a brand new money making system or application being created on the web. From there I came to know that we can also able to earn money by posting reviews of apps. In this we will get paid according to our review and according to the ratings of that particular application of which we are posting reviews.

Posting the reviews thing is a straightforward and I know you will easily understand this. If you open the app store or play store on your mobile you will find tons of applications out there.

Review Apps Now

How are people creating so many applications and what are they putting into their applications? How they find their mistakes what have they done wrong?

If you don’t have an answer to this kind of things today I gonna reveal a secret in front of you. Actually, whenever a firm builds an application they first get the idea about the app, once they finish building the application they need to find out if they have all things corrects or there is something missing.

This is where the role of reviewer come into play. A reviewer is a person who will review the firm’s application before it’s launching. Which means you need to test the app and give some suggestions and modifications for the app so that the firm can make their app stronger and bug proof before launching it to the local market. So, you might be thinking what you gonna get after doing all these things. Everyone knows nobody gonna do this for free. And if I tell you the numbers you will be in full surprise that how can the companies can spend this much amount of money for just getting the reviews.

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on getting right people for reviewing their apps and they pay these reviewers a lot just for getting reviews. As good as the reviewer the greater they will get paid.

But again the new question arises. Where are you gonna find this kind of companies which are paying for reviewing the apps? And that’s what for which I am writing this post. I gonna introduce you to the firm which is highly acceptable to all the firms out there and they are first to be contacted as soon as a firm had to launch its application. AppCoiner, Is the pretty big name in the reviewing industry. They pay for each and every app you test and review there.

What you need to join AppCoiner?

You just need to sign up for AppCoiner by entering you email-id and password. After once your account is approved you will get a confirmation email.

After joining the AppCoiner you just need to do these three steps and you are good to go:-

1. Choose an app to test

2. Write your honest review

3. Get paid for testing

The more app you test more you get paid. You should signup now for this awesome service. Click on the button below to know more and sign up for AppCoiner.

Review Apps Now

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