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The ART of CHANGE !!

Consider the following question: what prevents you from getting the things in life you want or need more of? Did you answer money? misfortune?

What’s fascinating about these answers is the cause is outside to you and outside of your direct control. To be able to comprehend ways to affect your external world, you need to know the way your thinking affects your internal world. Manifestation is the most easily useful strategy we know for doing this.


The Art of Change


THE CONSCIOUS MIND – Why should we bother to believe positively? According to much-printed information, many people have benefited from optimistic thinking. And those people who’ve consciously tried this have found this to be rewarding. But just how does it work, and how much of the success of optimistic thinking is due to the Conscious mind? You may already know your aware consciousness has a limited capacity for retaining information. Studies have shown we can hold 7 plus or minus 2 balls of info in consciousness at any one time. Strategies for helping individuals with their memory often very precisely the size of precisely the balls or find ways to link small balls into one bigger chunk allowing more memory capacity. 

This is why phone numbers are broken into 3 and 4 digit sections.

THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND – So what else is going on behind precisely the 7 plus or minus 2 balls of info in our conscious thinking? What organizes our heartbeat, our digestion, our response to outside temperature? What allows us to drive also our car without getting to think about it? What receives literally tens of thousands of pieces of external info, and processes them with no effort? Psychologists refer to the part of the brain as the Unconscious, or more correctly, the Other Than Conscious because it’s far from unconscious. 

Doctors were surprised to discover that, under hypnotism, patients who’d been anesthetized were able to remember every word said in precisely the operating theatre. One part of their thoughts were obviously well aware of what was going on! – The mind looks after thousands of functions within the body every moment and may handle astronomic amounts of information. What’s most impressive is it may do any of those things at the exact same time without any need for aware control. And luckily, it never forgets how. The Unconscious response to every outside stimulus, and every thought. Each reaction sets off a chemical reaction that is sent to precisely the rest of precisely the body. Consequently WHAT we believe takes on a vital significance.

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